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Account Subscription and Verification

Our Subscription Overview

An account subscription refers to a recurring payment made by a customer for access to a service or product provided by a company. The subscription may be for a set period of time, such as monthly or yearly, and may automatically renew unless the customer cancels the subscription. 

As per our guidelines, links that are used for income generation, such as OnlyFans links, can only be displayed in the “Strip/Dance” category to prevent any further public confusion. This measure has been implemented to ensure that our platform is used in a manner that is consistent with our community guidelines and to maintain the integrity of the platform for all users.

Verification Guidelines 

Prior to being considered for a verified photo status on our platform, we require that you have a minimum of five distinct gallery photos displayed on your profile and a minimum of two different verification photos of the individual who will be fulfilling bookings. These verification photos are intended for internal use by our Aussie Escorts administrators, but you are welcome to include them in your gallery as evidence of your identity, provided that your gallery does not consist solely of images of you holding a verification sign. This policy is in place to ensure the credibility and authenticity of our platform for all users. It should be noted that your gallery may not consist exclusively of images of you holding a verification sign.

  • For the first verification photo –  please hold a piece of paper with your username, the date, and “Aussie” written on it in your right hand, while ensuring not to hold it in front of your body or face. The paper should be held out to the side.
  • For the second verification photo – please tear the piece of paper in half, hold it in your left hand, and take another photo. This will serve as an additional means of verification for the Aussie Escorts Admins during the initial application process. It should be noted that these verification photos will not be visible to the public and are for internal use only.

Please be advised that we are unable to verify profiles if any of the submitted photos for verification purposes are edited, blurred, or have obscured faces. It is important that high-quality, clear and unedited photos are provided for the verification process. These photos will not be visible to the general public and will only be viewed by our admin verification team. It is imperative that all guidelines are followed to ensure a smooth and efficient verification process.

Please be advised that a common scam in the industry is when customers offer to pay for advertising, rent, bills, etc. using a credit card. It is important to note that this is a scam. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

Please be vigilant and do not engage in any suspicious or unsolicited activities or offers. It is important to protect yourself and your personal information. If you suspect any suspicious activity or have any concerns, please report it to info@aussieescorts.com.au immediately along with any other details 

Aussie Escort's Mission & Goal

We are fed up with the Escort Industry being driven by greed. Our goal is to build an inclusive Escort Directory which advocates for escorts lives & safety.

In the future a percentage of profits will be directly donated to Scarlet Alliance and other great causes chosen by our members.

We hope in the future we'll be able to become dedicated partners with the NDIS to give people with disabilities the intimacy they deserve.


Misty & James

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